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Visualise and conceive your ideas

Your idea and your proposal may only be brief right now, that is fine. You don't need to share any detail now. You will work through your proposal to create the best opportunity for your startup.


Build and refine your proposition

We will help you to find the best route to early adopters, confirm you have a big enough problem to generate burgeoning revenue: the strongest validation signal in any startup.


Develop and enhance your pitch

We will help you to create a great pitch deck that gets potential investors excited about your idea and starts a conversation about your business that leads to an investment.


Shape and support your investment

We provide all the resources you need to aid your funding journey, to find investors and to ultimately close your funding rounds.

Pitch, Invest & Develop

Startup Malta is the meeting place for businesses and investors to seek, meet and help startup entrepreneurs in pre-seed, seed or early stage organisations by providing finance as well as technical and commercial mentoring.

We will seek out new ideas markets and partners, help build new teams and new networks, help to transform great ideas into transformational products, to build and grow value in startup companies and to present commercially sustainable opportunities for investment, exit and sale.

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Connect & Grow ✠

Startup Malta provide support and signposting to valuable rewarding investment opportunities from startup founders from the Mediterranean island of Malta. Startup Malta is the meeting hub for legal, marketing, business, banking, finance and investment services through its professional network.

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We help you with solutions


Help you to shape the future of your idea and to establish the infrastructure and processes to ensure the solution can scale to accommodate the proposed volumes from revenue growth.


We will help you to find the best route to early adopters and the strongest validation signal in any startup : confirmation that you have a big enough problem to generate rapidly growing revenue.


Develop business plans to showcase your idea and enlighten potential investors with the opportunity.


Helping you to formalise a design and a solution in order to advertise its products and services:.


Design and prototype your idea gaining reliable feedback from potential users.


Co-working space: space for your business where you can work in a setting alongside other businesses starting up in Malta.


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Martin Leonard

Startup Malta Founder

Startup Malta

Contact our founder and director Martin Leonard to see how you and your startup company can grow your commercial operations inside a stable Eurozone economy, safe business environment, friendly taxation & business ownership regulation, a European location strategically connecting Northern Europe & the US to the growth economies of Asia, Middle East & North Africa.


For startup companies Malta offers a history of small enterprise, a vibrant location with a workforce of young naturally English-speaking graduates.

For potential investors Malta offers opportunity including Investment Tax Credits & Micro Investment benefits unrivalled in the region.

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